Welcome to Plantasia Potts

Plantasia Potts sells custom, hand-painted terra cotta planting pots in a variety of sizes and character themes.

Jamie, the creative mind behind Plantasia Potts, combines her love of gardening, art, and all things geek to create unique containers for your cherished plants. Each pot is meticulously crafted with love using vibrant acrylic paints and protected with all-weather sealer for indoor or outdoor enjoyment.

Here’s how it works: You may purchase from any of the available ready-to-ship items in the shop inventory. If an item is marked as “Out of Stock”, duplicates can be requested. If you would like to request a custom design in your character of choice, contact Plantasia Potts directly at plantasiapotts@gmail.com or through her Facebook or Instagram pages.

**Custom orders may take up to two weeks to complete.**

Plantasia Potts only accepts payment through Paypal at this time. Because many of the orders are custom designs, all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges accepted.

All items will be individually wrapped and packed with care. Plantasia Potts is not responsible for any damages sustained during shipping.

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